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The purpose of putting TITLE is to summarize the content of something in the most catchy and concise way. 

So I put that "TITLE" there merely because you need a title for this but there is NO WORD that could be cohesive and concise enough to describe myself.

As I can be anything that I love to, no title should be in that place to limit who I am!

Currently, I work mainly in creative CONTENT (my side 'job' is traveling). I had worked as a trainee writer at RICE & Partners (content solution Ad agency) for roughly 4 months; at Leo Burnett as a trainee copywriter for half a year and currently doing freelance as a digital content writer for Specialty coffee brand. 

*If found me on social media, you will definitely see some paintings, original songs and lots of analog images from my trips.


Nhu Quynh Tran - 10/03/1998

Bachelor of Professional Communication

RMIT Vietnam - RMIT Australia (2016-2019)


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